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What can you contribute at Worlds Revealed, the online travel community?

You are welcome to contribute whatever you would like, unfortunately you will not get paid. It is a travel community, and you are helping others, as well as getting a place to log your own travels. Write some destination descriptions ("just the facts"), write reviews about places, share your experiences, or keep a travel journal. You can pretty much contribute anything travel related. Once you navigate to your selected location, you will find the main section to add or edit "the facts". To add info, just click the 'Edit This' link. You can also add sublocations, or add your own posts, articles, or links you think are particularly relevant. To add a journal entry, you just nagivate to the place, and then click the 'User Entries' link.

Be sure to join to get the perks! If you have a suggestion for a new section or feature, send me a message via the feedback page.