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Are there any copyright issues when I contribute?

The idea of this site is to build an information base, comprised of people's collective knowledge which is graciouly contributed to the community. This being the case, it is hard to enforce personal copyrights for each contribution, especially when most of it is piecemeal. And since the site is essentially maintained by everyone and anyone, it is hard to keep track of what contributed data may be copyrighted and what isn't.

To make things easy, don't add copyrighted data, unless it's your own, in which case the work still belongs to you, but I can't control who might come and copy it. I do not condone stealing others' works. Copying and pasting from another site constitutes stealing. However, if you submit your own article that you have a copyright to, be aware that you are putting that article out in the public domain. This means that while you may still hold a copyright to the work, what happens to it once it's been posted here is out of my control. If somewhere down the line you find your words used somewhere else, I cannot be held liable.

If you are using the information here, please be careful. Since it is contributed by users, it may or may not be accurate. I hope everything here is true and unbiased information, but don't hold me to it. Also, I do not own the data here. It is the property of the community or the original owner.

If anyone sees any obvious copyright infringement going on, please report it and it will be removed promptly.