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Worlds Revealed.  Write destination descriptions and reviews.  Keep a travel journal.  Share experiences.  Help others travel better.

First off... Briefly, what is this site?
Worlds Revealed is a place for all things travel related. City guides, restaurant reviews, accomodations, etc. The key is that you do the writing! Write about countries, cities, events, hotels, hostels, restaurants, parks, mountains, museums -- you name it. Write guides and reviews for places, and also share tips, experiences, and photos! You can even keep a travel journal, writing about places as you visit them.

The goal is to help travelers by writing about the places you visit, the places you stay, and the things you do! If the place you want to write about isn't there, simply add it! And you don't have to be a traveller to use this site! If you are familiar with great places in your own city, feel free to share them!

Try it out on a sample page. Don't be afraid. You won't break anything

General questions
about the site, who runs it, how it evolved
is the information i find here accurate?
who maintains it and pays to keep it online?
can i make a suggestion or report a bug?
can i link to you on my site?
i noticed there are ads on the site, do you make money off it?

Questions about contributing
overview about contributing and what to contribute
how to edit a location guide
how to share travel experiences, write a travel review or travel journal, or share a photo
will i get paid to contribute?
what about copyrights?
are there guidelines for submissions?

Member questions
why should i join? how do i cancel my membership?
how to i add an entry to my travelogue? what about photos? And other travel journal questions