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Kitchen Creek Falls on Pacific Crest Trail
November 12, 2005
Cleveland National Forest (??)
8 miles

Today I hiked a short stretch of the Pacific Crest Trail, with a group from the Sierra Club. It was my first outing with them, and it was fun. We met at the Los Coches Park and Ride, and then drove out to the trailhead. To get there just go east on the 8 freeway, and it's less than 30 minutes. Get of the Buckman Springs exit going south, then go south/east on old Highway 80. I'd say it's probably less than 1/2 mile, and you'll see a little dirt parking lot. The PCT runs through here, and to get to Kitchen Creek Falls, follow it north. It seemed to be well marked, and once you get near the falls (2-3 miles or so I think), you will have to head off the main trail to get to them. There isn't a set way, but if you follow the little side paths you should be able to find a way down. Once you're down there, it's a nice place to relax, if there's water it's even better. The granite is carved out by the water, and is pretty impressive.

I don't have the exact mileage, and no pictures because I forgot my camera...