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Contributing is easy!

Do you want to write a review, share a travel experience, write a journal entry, or add photos?

If you do, first navigate to the place where you want your entry classified. Then just use the links in the left column on the appropriate location page. If you want to write about a place that doesn't yet exist, simply add it appropriately.

If it isn't about one specific place, use your best judgement, or to just add a general travel journal entry using the link at the top of every page.

You can also do other things at Worlds Revealed!

You can edit the existing descriptions
Use the 'Update this Guide' or 'Create This Guide' link in the main section. Be sure you're in the location you're writing about, and try to keep it to unbiased facts. To add opinions or write a review or share an experience, see below. Click here to try it on a test page!

You can add new places that haven't been added yet
Simply click the add new link. When you are adding the place, you can select an appropriate category for it. Be sure to add it under the right locaton. You can add sublocations, hotels, hostels, museums, restaurants, parks, theaters, districts, events, hiking trails and the like.

You can even add general travel tips
To add general travel tips, use the 'Travel Tips' link at the top of the page..