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From Oktoberfest to San Fermin, from Mardi Gras to Carnival, from Cheese Rolling to La Tomatina
Hobby travel website with travel rich content including articles, photos, links, classifieds, message boards & much more.
Embrace simplicity. Live sustainably. Think globally. Be adventurous. Stay inspired. Enjoy life!
A photographic journey of mystical, exotic places worldwide
Excellent site about travel in England, including places to see, things to do, and getting around
Travel Pictures from Around the Globe

   (if you read long enough you can find good tips from these experienced travelers)
Andy's blog about his travels around the world, 7 years, 50+ countries, and counting.
This is a live travel journal documenting the international pursuit of a Personal Legend
Scott's round the world bicycle trip

Join with other travelers to help promote human rights and environmental protection.

Hiking and Backpacking Gear - Get The Knowledge, Get The Gear, Get Out There
Worlds Revealed Sister site, dedicated to hiking, especially in Southern California

Andy's ongoing travels around the world, 8 years, 50+ countries, and counting.
Dedicated to the exploration of the literary imagination; Read about writers and the places they've lived and traveled

Volunteer Vacations
Bill McMillon, Doug Cutchins and Anne Geissinger, with foreword by Ed Asner
A detailed and up-to-date resource of volunteer projects and organizations for travelers. It is an excellent resource book and a must have for those who are thinking about venturing into the world of serious volunteering, whether in the form of a volunteer vacation, or a long term volunteer project.