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Egypt Facts and Travel Information
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Egypt - Facts and Travel Information
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Feluccas on the Nile, Luxor
Feluccas on the Nile, Luxor
Photo Credit: travelphotonet

Egypt is located in Northern Africa, between Libya and Israel and the Gaza Strip, and it includes the Asian Sinai Peninsula. Sudan lies to the south, the Mediterranean Sea to the north, and the Red Sea to the west. Its independence was won from the UK in February 1922.

Regular annual flooding from the Nile River, combined with the deserts to the east and west allowed for Egypt to develop into one of the world's greatest civilizations starting around 3000 BC. The country boasts not only the Nile Valley, but lonely deserts, lush oases, exotic life in the Red Sea, and beaches on the Mediterranean. The capital of Cairo itself offers the pyramids, the Sphinx, and many museums and other sights.

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