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Brazil Facts and Travel Information
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Brazil - Facts and Travel Information
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Brazil is the largest and most populated country in South America, and the fifth largest in the world. The country spans much of the east and central parts of South America, and shares a border with all South American countries except for Ecuador and Chile. Brazil has much to offer, great cities, great weather, rainforest, beaches, and much more. Two of the biggest cities are Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, both located in the southeast coastal area. This southeast region is the economic and industrial hub of the country, but don't be fooled, the entire country is not like this. Even though this area is very modernized, in the north of the country is the unexplored Amazon Rainforest, and to the west are grasslands and savannahs.

One of the most well known events in Brazil is Carnival, and this is when many people visit.

Getting to Brazil is easy, from most airports you can fly to either São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. This is the most common way of arriving, although buses run from bordering countries. The least common way of arriving is by train, as train service isn't very widespread. Once you are there, buses are an easy way to get between cities, and you can also get around by plane, car. Again, train service is not very widespread.

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