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Antigua Facts and Travel Information
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Antigua - Facts and Travel Information
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This beautiful 16th-century city was founded in the early 16th century by the Spaniards. Built 1,500 meters above sea-level in the highlands of Guatemala, it was largely destroyed by an earthquake in 1773, but many of the original monuments are still preserved as ruins.

Antigua has some of the most gorgeous Spanish-style colonial architecture found anywhere. Its cobblestone streets, built in the 16th century lead you past dozens of great restaurants, flowered courtyards, and the preserved ruins of numerous churches, monasteries and other structures. Antigua's natural setting is spectacular, with several majestic volcanoes surrounding the city on all sides. The Colonial Museum, located in a building which at one time housed the third university founded on the American continent, is well worth visiting for its vast collection of colonial art. For those seeking Spanish Language Programs, the town is host to more than 75 Spanish Language Schools and Institutes.

The lodgings and restaurants in Antigua range from basic to luxury 5 star and there are many rooms and apartments to rent in the area for those planning long stays. Antigua boasts a large and stable American, Canadian and European 'Ex Pat' population as well as being a major tourist attraction, if planning to visit in "high seasons" such as Semana Santa (Easter Holy Week) or Christmas-New Year's make your reservations well in advance. For more detailed Antigua information view 'Antigua Tours' website at Antigua Tours is owned and operated by a Woman Ex Pat, Ms. Elizabeth Bell, who came to reside in Antigua when her parents moved here from Palo Alto, California in 1969. Ms. Bell obtained a degree in teaching ESL in Guatemala City and in the 1980s after completing her first book on Antigua "The Colonial City and its Monuments" opened up Antigua Tours, for complete information and reservations view the Website or in Antigua visit Antigua Tours Offices in the Hotel Casa Santo Domingo E mail

For on the spot travel and tour assistance throughout Guatemala visit another dear female friend of mine in Antigua, Ms. Kathy Topke, Kathy is a native of Guatemala, although her Mother came from the US over 40 years ago by train through Mexico, to marry her Father.
Kathy is a graduate of Texas A & M University, also fluent in German.
Visit her Monday-Saturday at Agencias de Viaje Tivoli Antigua 10AM-5PM
4a Calle Oriente No. 10, Local 3 Edificio Casa Antigua "El Jaulon" Tels: 832-1370 & 8324287
E mail Att: Kathy Topke, Manager
Tell her "Aldonova" sent you, thats all.

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