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Guatemala City Facts and Travel Information
Guatemala City
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Guatemala City - Facts and Travel Information
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Guatemala City and it's metropolitan area is home to more than 30% of the country's population and is the capital of Guatemala. The city lies in a deep valley called Valle de la Asuncion where the dormant Agua volcano dominates the horizon. With a population of about 4 million (metro area), it is the country's commercial, financial, and cultural center. It is a city where colonial architecture, sits side by side with modern skyscrapers and shopping malls. For visitors, there is much to see and do in Guatemala City. Worthwhile is a visit to the Zona Viva, the trendy and very modern center of Zona 10, where numerous upscale restaurants, bars, and clubs stay open long into the night. Those interested in Spanish colonial architecture should visit Zona 1, the city's historic center. Visitors interested in handicraft will find a wide variety of authentic Guatemalan wood carvings, textiles, leather, ceramics, jewelry and basket work in the downtown Central Market. Also worth seeing is the National Palace and the Ixchil Museum of Guatemalan Handicrafts.

Arrival in Guatemala is at the Aurora International Airport located in Zona 13, only 10 minutes by Auto from the Zona Viva, Zona 10, there are also several moderate 2 and 3 star 'guest houses' in Zona 13 located only minutes from the terminal, that will take you to the airport at dawn in their vehicle as part of the price of the room, popular with travelers returning from treks in Antigua, Lake Atitlan, The Highlands and Tikal. Many Business Travelers venture to Guatemala City, so Central American Language Tours has awaiting some very special services for you including reservations, transportation, interpreters and tours for free time.

When in Guatemala City and staying in or near Zone 10, known as the "Zona Viva" with a lively night life and great international cuisine visit a Woman Ex Pat Bar Owner near and dear to our hearts for over 23 years....Ms. Valerie Randall, who still tends bar herself every Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights 5PM till 1AM closing at the "William Shakespeare Pub" - No tragedy, no comedy-Just Good Times! 13 Calle y 1 Avenida Zona 10 local 5 (downstairs) Torre Santa Clara 1 Tel: 3312641 Catty corner and downstairs from the Holiday Inn. mixture of young bilingual Guatemalans and slightly older "Gringo" regulars, very lively Friday nights, everybody speaks English and everybody has a good time. Valerie came to Guatemala in 1979 as an illustrator for a famous archeologist and after the dig was over she fell in love with Guatemala, bought the bar and has been around ever since. Some of Valerie's paintings hang in the bar and are for sale.

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