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Mount Whitney Facts and Visitor Information
Mount Whitney
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Mount Whitney - Facts and Visitor Information
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Mt Whitney from Whitney Portal Rd
Mt Whitney from Whitney Portal Rd
Photo Credit: russ

Mount Whitney claims the title as highest point in the continental United States (also known as the Lower 48 States), reaching somewhere around 14,494 feet (4418 meters) at the summit. It is also one of the most climbed, if not the most, in the US. It is located in California in the Sierra Nevada mountains, east of the Great Western Divide (mountain range that runs north/south through Sequoia National Park), between Inyo County and Tulare County.

Incidentally, this highest point is only 85 miles away from the lowest point in North America, the Badwater Basin, located in Death Valley at about 280 feet below sea level.

Mt. Whitney was first summited in 1873 by A. Johnson, C. Begole, and John Lucas.

Any climbing experiences or tips, please share!!!

See my review of my summit attempt here

eBook about how to climb Whitney in ONE day

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