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Mission Trails Regional Park Facts and Visitor Information
Mission Trails Regional Park
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Mission Trails Regional Park - Facts and Visitor Information
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Photo Credit: russ

Mission Trails Regional Park is a 5,800 acre park located 8 miles northeast of downtown San Diego, and is one of the largest urban parks in the United States. In the park there are over 40 miles of trails, camping at Kumeyaay Lake, and boating on Lake Murray. There are five peaks in the park, each accessible by trails. They are Cowles Mtn (1592 ft), Pyles Peak (1379 ft), North Fortuna (1291 ft), South Fortuna (1094 ft), and Kwaay Paay (1194 ft).

The park was established in 1974, and is sometimes called the third Jewel in the City of San Diego Park System, behind only Balboa Park and Mission Bay. It gives both residents and visitors a way to explore the cultural, historical, and recreational aspects of San Diego. Originally used by the Kumeyaay, the park is the site of the Old Mission Dam, built to store water for the Mission San Diego de Alcala.

Update: Extreme rain January 2005 caused the Dam to break. The rains also caused erosion in many places, minor mudslides, and damage throughout the park.

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