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Connecticut Facts and Travel Information
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Connecticut - Facts and Travel Information
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Connecticut is a small state in the northeast United States. It is located south of Massachusetts, and is bordered on the east by Rhode Island and on the west by New York. To the south is the Long Island Sound.

It is a small state of about 3 million people, and its capital city is Hartford, although it is not the largest city in the state. The southwest corner of Connecticut is more heavily populated than the rest of the state, as it is the closest area to New York City. This fact also makes Southwestern Connecticut one of the more well to do areas of the state.

Throughout the rest of the state, there are few large cities, the majority being small to medium sized middle class towns. When people think of Connecticut, many think of rolling hills and stone walls, which is partially true. There are a lot of very scenic areas, especially during the spring and fall.

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