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Nepal Facts and Travel Information
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Nepal - Facts and Travel Information
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Rani Pokhari, Kathmandu.
Rani Pokhari, Kathmandu.
Photo Credit: travelphotonet

Namaste! Nepal is a small country located in southern Asia, between India and the Tibet region of China. Along the south border is the Ganges River, and the mighty Himalayas are to the north. Formally known as the Kingdom of Nepal, it is the only official Hindu kingdom in the world. It is a place known especially for the richness of its scenery and renowned trekking and other adventure opportunities. The elevation ranges from 60 meters to the highest elevation in the world, Mt. Everest, at 8848 meters (29,035 feet). Amazingly, these extremes are only 150 or so kilometers apart. Although it is a spectacular place, with a great culture and an abundance of outdoor opportunities, it is a very poor country economically. Many people from the west are attracted to these opportunities, and most likely make their start in the capital of Kathmandu.

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