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Koh Chang Facts and Travel Information
Koh Chang
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Koh Chang - Facts and Travel Information
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Koh Chang, with a population of around 5000, is the largest of the 52-island Koh Chang Marine National Park on the North Gulf Coast of Thailand. All of the islands are virtually untouched by modernization, and their natural resources are still intact. Few people are familiar with the islands, and the area is sometimes call "the last paradise islands in South-East Asia". The island of Koh Chang is located more than 300 km east of the bustling city-life of Bangkok, and is a great hideaway. It's approximately 4 hours by road plus another 30 to 45 minutes by boat or ferry, with the only easy way begin from Laem Ngop.

Surprisingly, Koh Chang is the second largest island in Thailand, behind Phuket. Despite its size and close proximity to the capital, Koh Chang is not very well known, and is still undeveloped which is part of its appeal.

Koh Chang Marine National Park is a secret retreat yet to be explored, with nearly three quarters of the Park is protected by law and the Forestry Department of Thailand.

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