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Mykonos Facts and Travel Information
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Mykonos - Facts and Travel Information
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Mykonos is probably one of the most well known Greek Islands, and is located near the center of the Cyclades Islands, which are a group of islands in the Aegean. The island is one of the more upscale areas of Greece, and over the past years it has become more popular, and is frequented by many people visiting on holiday or vacation. Although it is so popular, the population still remains small, somewhere between 6000 and 11000, depending if you count foreign residents.

The attitude of the people of Mykonos is very easy going and fun loving. The people are also social, and bars and taverns near the water play a large part in the lives of the people. Also, old traditions are still upheld, especially where food and music are concerned. You will also still find many old fisherman, and people selling their fares from the backs of donkeys.

It is easily accessible from many of the other islands by boat or ferry, and from larger cities like Athens or Santorini by plane. Once you get there, you can get around by scooter, car, bus, or taxi, although taxis are harder to come by at night.

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