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Zurich Facts and Travel Information
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Zurich - Facts and Travel Information
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Zurich is located in the northern part of the country, along the northern shores of Lake Zurich. It is Swizterland's largest city, and also the capital of the canton of Zurich. This city, With a population of about 380,000 people, is conveniently laid out and its center is split by the Limmat River.

There is much to do in Zurich, you can wander the streets and see what the city has to offer, especially in Old Town, where you can walk to streets and visit festivals, parks, gardens, or galleries. Between free bicycle loans and reliable city transportation, it is easy to enjoy what is known as one of Europe's most beautiful cities. And the recent increase in visitors has spurred an increase in bars, restaurants, nightlife, and other entertainment.

Zurich is also known for its financial industry. It boast the headquarters of five major banks in the heart of the city, and also produces one-fifth of the nation's income.

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