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How do I add an entry to my travel journal?
First of all, be sure to login. Then simply naviate to the place you want to write about. If the location you want to write about doesn't exist, add it! Contribute through that location page, and the entry will then appear in your member profile. This way your information is classified in the proper area, and you still have quick access to it! Right now, all your entries are public and accessible to the community. After all the whole point is to share your experiences with others!

Note: Now you can add general journal entries, they don't have to be classified under a certain location. Just use the link at the top of the page!

How do I add photos to my journal entry?
You can either do it from your 'journal entry' list in your profile, or you can located the exact entry, and there will be an 'add photo' link there. Make sure you're logged in! When you add a photo to a journal entry, you can make it public or private. If it's public, it will show up in the list of photos with the location, as well as in your entry. Private means it can only be viewed via your entry.