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Privacy Policy

This website is intended for use by anyone with an interest in the matters contained within. During the course of your visit, certain general information is gathered about you and your use of the site. This page describes what information is obtained, and how it may be used.

Information Collection and Use
By default, certain information is collected from you. Included may be your Host IP Address, pages viewed, along with the time, and the type of browser you are using. All of this information is obtained on an anonymous basis (meaning there is no personal information about you, aside from the physical properties of your computer and its connection to this site), and is not used other than for statistical purposes.

Via some of the features provided on this site, you may be asked for more personal information, including, but not limited to, your name or email address. This information is never required, but may optionally be submitted. If submitted in one of the forum sessions, it may be displayed on an appropriate page where anyone can see it. If you opt to become a member, your profile information may be visible to other users browsing member profiles. Understand that any repercussions from submitting personal information under these circumstances is beyond my control. However any information submitted via the comments/feedback page will be kept strictly confidential. Still be aware that any information submitted is strictly voluntary, and you are doing so at your own discretion.

The site does not directly use cookies, however if you login, certain session may be saved to a cookie. In this case only information pertaining to your session and keeping you logged in is stored, and not any personal information. In general cookies are files that are placed on your hard drive by a site and are used by a web site to retain information about you during your visit and previous visits. They are intended to allow a more "personalized" experience, remembering settings, preferences, and other information that may be used and recorded by a web site.

There may be links to other sites contained within some of the content. Once you click on a third party or advertisers link, the policy stated here is no longer pertinent. Any responsibility on our behalf is waived, as we cannot vouch for any content or privacy matters related to any of other sites.

This site currently uses no encryption, and any data transmitted could possibly be intercepted. Also understand that no computer system should be considered safe from intrusion. Any data you send or receive, including email, may pass through many computer systems, and this site has no special security measures in place, other than what may be provided by you or your internet provider. If you click on any advertising placed on this site, you might want to verify the security policy of said advertiser before using any of their services.

Third Party Information
In no way is any information obtained from you sold or distributed to any third parties. Any information is kept and used strictly for business matters, and may be kept only for the sake of proper business records.

Changes to This Policy
This site may incur changes to this policy from time to time. Any changes will be listed here. This page was last modified Oct 02 2009.