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Am I making money from this site?

It depends what you consider money. I have ads posted around the site, but I'm certainly not making a living off this. I work a real job if that's what you're wondering. I still don't make enough to even cover the hosting costs. If someday I make much more, I'll gladly accept it and won't feel bad. I've spent more hours than you can probably imagine designing and building this site, so it would be nice to make something for it. And even though a lot of the information here is not posted by me, I don't think it would be wrong to profit from it. Think about how many other "free" sites make money through advertising.

As I mentioned on one of the other faqs, I alone maintain the site and pay the bills to keep it up and running, so it's only fair. :)

If you want to help, visit some of the sponsor links or visit some of the google ads you see around the site.