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"Single Travelers to San Salvador" - El Salvador
Posted by info at centralamericalanguagetours dot com  Apr 16 2004, 01:09 PM
Single Travelers to San Salvador... San Salvador - 31-Jan-2004

And a single traveler? Tired of Hotels...we have room in our apt. for short term guest that will help out generously with the food situation. Great weather down here..27C 85F today The beaches are hour away on the Bus 50 Cents US one way, by the way El Salvador is the tiny country between Guatemala and Honduras in Central apt. is walking distance from the Botanical Garden and near to the Archeoligical Nuseum and Arts and Crafts Market in a tree lined middle class area. E mail in advance if interested. ***Neat appearance please..long hair dirty unscrubbed with backpack sends you away from my door.