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"Princess Cruise - Venice to Rome, Corfu"
Posted by russ  Nov 07 2006, 01:10 AM    (View all contributions by russ)
Oct 8, 2006

Corfu is a little island northwest of the Greek mainlain, and west of Albania. Our ship docked about 2 miles from the old city center, but today we opted for a walk rather than transportation provided by Princess. As we started walking, to be honest, our first impression of Corfu wasn't that great. By the pier it was kind of run down, and not what I had in mind for a Greek island. But after an afternoon here, I've definately warmed to the place. The people were wonderful, helping us with our Greek words and pronunciations. We explored an old fortress, shopped a little, and spent the day at the outdoor cafes, having coffee, eating Greek food, and drinking beer and Ouzo. It definately seems that Europe, especially Eastern Europe, has the whole sitting around thing down to a science. Everywhere you look, people are sitting with a drink and a cigarette, in Croatia it was cappuchino or beer, in Greece so far it's been cappuchino, beer, or Ouzo.

We are definately getting into the groove of exploring, becoming more comfortable with being out of our element. The one downside to the cruise, aside from not getting enough time in each place, is that probably 80 or 90% of the people on the ship are retired. I knew cruising was an old people thing, but I didn't think it would be this bad. We've sort of been feeling like we're in a retirement home. Anyway, on to tomorrow, we'll be in Katakalon, where we will be spending the day exploring ancient Olympia, the home to the first Olympics.