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"Princess Cruise - Venice to Rome, Rhodes - Rhodes"
Posted by russ  Feb 03 2007, 10:40 PM    (View all contributions by russ)
Rhodes was probably the cleanest of all the cities we saw. We spent most of the afternoon in the old city, which was another walled city. It was beautiful, but I got the sense that it wasn't quite authentic. Again, all the shops seemed to be quite similar, but it was refreshing to be able to browse without being harassed by three people at a time like in Kusadasi. I had wanted to get to the beach, but our plans got thwarted when we were hoodwinked into buying the biggest beer I've ever seen. I was mad at the time, but in retrospect I suppose it's a funny story. We had sat down to grab a bit to eat, and immediately a waiter appeared. He said he had Mythos on draft, which had become our official beer of the trip, because it's Greek, so my wife ordered a medium, and I ordered a large. No sooner did I open my menu than I saw that a large was two liters and cost 14 Euros. It was served to me in a large glass boot, and every person who walked by saw it and seemed to think it was hilarious. I will probably be remembered in everyone's memories (and photos) as the guy with the huge boot of beer. Needless to say, my plans for the beach were thwarted andwe spent the next two hours trying to finish the boot.