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"Princess Cruise - Venice to Rome, Naples"
Posted by Russ  Feb 05 2007, 11:45 PM    (View all contributions by Russ)
Well, our last port was a bummer. We were supposed to be in Santorini, but due to weather we didn't make it. There is no port there, so the boat anchors off the coast and we were supposed to take tender ships in. But because of rough seas, they decided it would be unsafe to send everyone to shore in boats, so they opted for a day at sea. It pretty much sucked since we didn't get to see the island, but it was nice to have a relaxing day at sea nonetheless. And then yesterday was a scheduled at sea day, so we had spent the last two days on the boat.

But finally today we got off, in the city of Naples. Our primary goal was to get to Pompeii, so we opted for a tour. Pompeii is absolutely amazing, and you can actually walk through the streets of the old city, and many of the buildings are even still in tact. In some places you can even enter the buildings, and the original paintings are still on the walls. The one downside is that we were only there for half a day, and that was far too little time to spend there.

After the tour, we went back to the port, which is enormous. We thought we would spend the afternoon exploring the city, but as we started walking, we realized that Naples, at least near the port, is absolute chaos. There were virtually no traffic lights and cars coming and going in every direction, even on the sidewalks, which made walking not very enjoyable. So we went out, grabbed some pizza (which we can say was the best pizza we've ever had), some coffee, and then just went back to the ship for the rest of the afternoon.