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"bangalore-kottayam-mangalore-goa-bangalore road trip"
Posted by bijuchacko74  Mar 10 2009, 09:10 AM    (View all contributions by bijuchacko74)

started from HSR layout in Bangalore at 6.00 am on 21st december 2008.the route planned is
B'lore -Dharmapuri- Coimbatore--Palaghat-thrissur-Ernakulam(cochin)- Kotayam.

Its approximately 642 kms and can be covered in 12 hrs with a break of 1 and half hour for breakfast and lunch.

started from HSR layout in Bangalore at 6.00 am on 21st december 2008.the route planned is
B'lore -Dharmapuri- Coimbatore--Palaghat-thrissur-Ernakulam(cochin)- Kotayam.
Its approximately 642 kms and can be covered in 12 hrs with a break of 1 and half hour for breakfast and lunch.

The vehicle used was FORD ENDEAVOUR(DIESEL).we started out with a full tank.

our home is very close to the Hosur road NH 47.Being a sunday the traffic was light.the weather was misty.we reached hosur ar 6.40 am.touched krishnagiri at 7.15 am.from here it is a toll road of about 46 kms.its worth the price paid for zooming on a great stretch without a single pothole.we touched dharmapuri at 7.50 am.from there to salem its about 70 kms and we reached at 8.40 am.we stopped for breakfast at a bypass hotel called apoorva and resumed our trip at 9.10 am.from salem to coimbatore its about 164 kms.since 4 laning is going on we lost a lot of time taking deviations and negotiating potholes.we arrived at coimbatore bypass at 11.45 am.from coimbatore to palghat its about 65 kms and an excellent toll road.we reached palghat bypass at 12.45 pm and stopped for lunch.there is a placed called aranyam just after the waliyar checkpost.we resumed our trip at 1.30 pm and arrived at thrissur bypass which is 61 kms away at 2.45 pm.the roads was patched up unevenly and there was lots of pothole.From thrissur to chalakudy its 2o kms.we stopped for a diesel refill.the next town is angamali.from here to kottayam its about 60 kms .here we take the MC ROAD Angamaly-Kalady -Perumbavoor -Muvattupuzha -Koothattukulam -Kuravilangad -Ettumanoor -Kottayam
we reached our home at Manacrcud at 6.00 pm

kotayam to Mangalore

route taken
from kochi its NH17 road right through to mangalore

we started from kottayam at 7.45 am on 28th December 2008.we reached kochi which is about 75 kms at 9.20am.from kochi the next major point is kozhikode which is abt 175 kms.edappalii 9.20 am,paravoor at 10.00 am,kodungallore at 10.20 am,ponnani at 12.00 pm,thiruangadi at 1.25 pm. kozhikode at 1.40 pm.we stopped here for lunch at a restaurant on the bypass itself.we proceeded from here at 2.20 pm.our next destination was vadakara,but there was a railway overbridge construction going on and we had to take a deviation through the village roads to reach vadakara. But to our surprise it was a delight to drive through such well maintained gram panchayat roads.the road was well laid with not a single pothole or unevenness.the city officials would do well to take lessons from the village panchayats.we arrived at vadakara at 3.55 pm.thalassery at 4.18 pm,kannur at 5.00 pm,the drive along the coastal line was a visual treat.with tiny hamlets dotting the entire stretch.the setting sun was playing hide and seek with us as we drove.arrived at kasargoad at 7.30 we took a short coffee break of about 15 minutes.from kasargoad to mangalore its about 47 kms and We arrived at Mangalore at 8.30 pm.

Our halt over night was at suratkal which was about 15 kms from mangalore.


We started from Suratkal at 8.50 am on 30th December 2008.

Suratkal to Goa route is through the NH17.
the places along the highway are
Udupi - 35 kms - 9.45 am
kundapur-35 kms-10.30 am
Marvanthe beach-12 kms-10.45 am
Bhatkal-35 kms-11.20 am
Murdeshwara-12 kms-11.30 am
Honavar-25 kms-11.55 am
Kumta-12 kms-12.20 pm
Ankola-33 kms-1.00 pm
Karwar-37 kms-1.30 pm

It was a pleasant drive along the karwar is one of the best natural harbours and we stopped for lunch at a hotel along the way.we proceeded at 2.30 pm.the checkpost was about a km from the hotel.Because of terrorism threat at Goa all vehciles were thoroughly checked before letting through. we arrived at margoa which was 69 kms away at 3.56 pm.from here to panjim its 35 kms.Its 16 kms from panjim to clangute.we have to go over the panjim bridge which gives a beautiful view of the mandovi river.we arrived at 5.00 pm.

we checked into maple view which is just a stones throw from the famous calangute beach.we just set the bags and set for the beach.the narrow streets were crowded with was all colourfully lit and people were in a festive mood.everywhere we looked it was food and drinks.menus were displayed at every eatery.people were lounged over with drinks in their hand.the sidewalks were filled with hawkers selling colourful shells,costumes jewellary,sunglasses,hats,bermudas,t shirts and what not.we did not enter the water ,and stood for a long time feeling the nice breeze and vast expanse of the sea in front of us.all along the beach was shacks selling food and beer.we pulled up chairs and feasted on cold beer and assorted sea food platter.the waiter who served us kept the kids entertained with a lot of amusing riddles.
we left at 10 as the kids were feeling sleepy.

31st morning the kids woke up and started howling beach,beach.breakfast was a quick afair and we started out to the beach.the sun was blazing hot and we all bought straw hats.
There are a dozen water sports operators who offer para-sailing,water sking,banana and bump rides .we took turns going on the beach bike .it was really thrilling to climb over the waves and feel the spray on your face.the kids and myself played in the water,whilst my husband relaxed in the shade with a cold beer.we had lunch at the hotel and took a small nap.evening we strolled down for a bit of shoppin,tasted various goan cuisine .at about 10.30 pm we came to the hotel to get ready for the new year party. They had brought in a DJ who was terribly boring and played bad music that it did not get us even tapping our midnight we saw the fireworks and all of us wished my son who turned 5.this was the first time my kids were awake till midnight.later on in the room they were too excited to sleep and it took quite some time for them to enter dream land.

on 1st January 2009 morning we had break fast and spent time at the hotel pool.I had come down with a severe throat infection.My husband brought the birthday cake and later after that was demolished we drove down to old Goa.This part of Goa looked untouched by modernity.the prettily decked up houses were right from the past.
We had lunch as sukhsagar and visited the basilica of Bom Jesus.This is the most revered and famous of all the churches in Old Goa. It contains the relics of St. Francis Xavier, Patron saint of Goa.

we drove back to calangute and went over to anjuna beach.the kids had an exciting time climbing down .we just spent an hour over the rocks .we went out and had traditional goan pork dishes and goan fish curry with rice.then it was time to hit the sack for a long drive awaited us tommorow morning.
we started from our hotel at 7.00 am.Driving through Mapusa we got on to NH 17 and arrived at Swantwadi in Maharashtra at 8.00 am.proceeding on to NH 121 we drove through amboli ghat .driving through the haipin bends was indeed hair raising and therefore to have a experienced person at the wheel is a blessing.climbing up we have a breathtaking view of the ghats.unfortunately we could not stop to admire.and moreover suffering from altitude sickness i just wanted to finish this part of the ride.we reached Belgaum at 10.15 am and stopped for a breakfast at a small hotel.we got on to NH4.Its a toll road fourlaned.
the route taken from here is
Its 498 kms in all
darward-11.2o am
Hubli-11.48 am
Davangare-2.20 pm
Chitradurga-3.20 pm

We got caught in the peak Bangalore traffic and literally crawled to home in HSR Layout at 7.15 pm

a great end to a great journey. a well deserved rest for our great truck .