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"My recent trip to New York"
Posted by russ  Jun 22 2005, 06:36 PM    (View all contributions by russ)
My fiance and I recently had a great trip to New York City. We took the Metro North train from Stratford, CT, to Grand Central. Round trip fare, off-peak, was $25. Not bad, and it beats having to try to drive and park in Manhattan. We got into the city around 1PM, and then found a room at the Edison Hotel, for $175. Not exactly cheap, but you can't beat it to be a block from Times Square. For the rest of the afternoon we headed over to Central Park and just wandered around for a bit. We even saw Richard Kind, the guy who plays Paul in Spin City.

Then we headed back to the hotel to clean up before going to the Majestic Theater to see Phantom of the Opera. The show was really good, I highly recommend it.

The next morning checked out of the hotel, but checked our bags in so we didn't have to tow then around all day with us. We had breakfast at the deli next to the hotel, and for less than $15 for both of us, it hit the spot. See my recommendation about eating in NYC. After breakfast, we hopped on the subway down to 34th street (I think). We were trying to get to the Flat Iron Building, so it turns out we ended up walking down to 23rd (I think) and 5th to see it. And of course it figures, they were doing a facelift on it so it had scaffolding all around it. Oh well.

After a brief rest in Madison Square Park, we headed towards Greenwich Village, checking out NYU and Washington Square Park. Then on to SoHo, and a little shopping on Broadway. And a little detour through Chinatown, then stopped for a coffee and did the trek partway across the Brooklyn Bridge. At that point our feet were dead tired, so we hopped the subway back up to Times Square. We then grabbed some dinner at our new favorite deli, relaxed for a few minutes, then picked up our bags and headed over to Grand Central, in time to catch the 8:04 train back to CT.

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