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"They Slipped!"
Posted by chuckie  Mar 29 2006, 07:37 PM
I like the Mission on Mission Blvd and also Beachfront and the Cantina P. Generally food and service are exceptional, butI must complain about my experience mid morning today. It took exceptionally long for the order to be taken and to be served; after asking the order be checked on. The Tamale Special my wife ordered was cooked and served perfectly and was exceptional even by their usual standards! Conversely, of the three items I ordered, the grilled chicken sandwhich at room temperature and grilled onions were cold; and refused; and their usually fantastic Rosemary Potatoes were served "warm", not hot. Granted, the waitress reluctantly offered to take the two back to be warmed after and I made her touch the items. Twice I had to get our water refills. Other patrons had to go to the cash register to get and pay their bills. The explanation given by waitress who's been there just over a year was "we're always slow; There is no manager, and it's just me and the new waitress I am training." Finally, when we were finished, an older gray haired guy started bussing tables and helping out. He identified himself as manager to someone who asked and referred them to call someone else later in the day. He and another dark haired guy had briefly come into the restaurant area momentarily a couple of times from the back earlier, but were oblivious to what was going on in the restaurant, as they limited themselves to the rest room, behind the bar area and a quick chat with friends or sales people that came to see them. My recommendation is to scope the place out while reviewing the menu; if it appears like service is slow, come back at another time. And yes, we left a good tip, as it wasn't the new waitresses fault there was no management or supervision to be sure service and training were up to snuff.