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"Princess Cruise - Venice to Rome, Getting to Venice"
Posted by russ  Oct 21 2006, 07:11 PM    (View all contributions by russ)
Oct 5, 2006

My wife and I left San Diego at 9:00 AM yesterday, heading for Atlanta first, then from there to Paris, then on to Venice, where our 12 day Princess cruise starts. We are taking a Greek Isle cruise for our honeymoon. The first leg of the flight went well, but then our connecting flight in Atlanta was delayed for about 2 hours... So by the time we got to Paris this morning, we missed our next flight. Charles DeGaulle airport in Paris is an absolute nightmare, and we're pretty sure that even if we got in on time, we'd have missed our flight anyway. We had arrived into terminal 2E, but the plane didn't go to a jetway, instead it stopped and we had to take a bus to the terminal. And our next flight was leaving from terminal 2F, so when we walked in, we followed the signs for 2F. After about 5-10 minutes of walking through what I'm pretty sure was a series of random hallways going nowhere, we were dumped back outside where a bus was ready to take us to terminal 2F. I would have intuitively assumed that from 2E we could have walked to 2F, which I'm pretty sure is still the case, but anyway, we got on the bus, which proceeded to drive all the way around the airport, stopping at halls A, B, C, and D, before dropping us at F. All in all, the whole escapade took us 40 minutes from the time we got off the plane, to the time we got to the next terminal. And that doesn't even include trying to figure out what gate we were supposed to be at. Needless to say, we missed the flight, and the next available flight to Venice wasn't until 6PM (it was 10:30 AM then). On a side note, it seems like no one in the Paris airport really knows anything. They all sort of just say something sort of reassuring, smile, and send you on your way. And of course you then find out that what they told you was not right at all. So now it's Thursday night in Venice, after having left San Diego at 9AM yesterday. But anyway, we're here, after 27 hours of traveling, and a 9 hour time zone change on top of it. And it's too late to explore Venice now, so we'll save that for the morning.