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Going on a cruise? Tips for saving on currency exchange
Posted by russ  Oct 28 2006, 01:50 AM
Not sure how it is on all lines, but on Princess to get foreign currency (not US dollars), you need US dollars. And the exchange machines charge $3.50 per transaction. We actually put a $100 bill in and it changed it right away, not sure if it always does this. So if we wanted to change $200 we would have been charged $7. Also, the ATMs on board charge fees. So either bring cash, or bring traveller's checks, which you can cash for free, but again only into dollars on the boat. But after getting cash, you can just go to a bank in port or to an exchange center. Best bet might be to just use ATMs in port, although most banks will probably charge a 1% conversion fee, and also an ATM fee. The bottom line I guess is to be aware of fees and figure out what will be lowest for you. But using the services on board will probably not be the cheapest! ____