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Topic - Ranger stations      Started by Murph, Sep 16 2005
Does anyone have ranger station/ trailhead locations(grid coord. or mile marker) for the PCT section of Laguna Mtn.?

 -Murph  Sep 16 2005, 12:42 AM

Are you thru hiking or just looking for access to the trail for local hikes? It looks like at about the 40 mile point on the PCT the trail goes off to the Mt. Laguna fire stations and LMVA Headquarters. At about the 42 mile point is access to the Desert View Picnic Area and the Sunrise Hwy. (this is at about the 23.7 mile marker on the highway) At 47.9 miles on the trail (about 27.3 mm on the sunrise hwy) is access to Penny Pines parking area. I don't know where any ranger stations are, don't see any on my cheap map.

 -guest  Sep 16 2005, 01:41 AM